You should find the answers to most frequent questions here, if you don’t please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Can I reach my audience by state, city, or ZIP code?

Yes. We recommend using a location-based radius feature to target audience around your business. If you have multiple locations, we recommend running multiple campaigns for each location. You can reach your audience by zip code/geo radius.

Will I have access to my campaign reports?

AdAmp provides reports on the status and progress of each of your campaigns. As well as final insights, after the campaign is over. While your digital campaigns will be updated near-real time, cable and broadcast reporting is currently only available as a post campaign report or on monthly basis for recurring campaigns. We will update your cable campaign estimates as soon as they’re provided to us by our inventory partners.

Can I choose where my ads get delivered?

Yes, you can. Currently, we leverage our AI-based optimization engine to optimize your buys and allow clients to choose between delivering on streaming and cable. We are currently working on providing more granular and refined controls across channels.

What ad video file formats does AdAmp support?

You can submit video Ads in MP4 or MOV format. Please see the technical specifications section of our website.

What are the order minimums for AdAmp campaigns?

We require a minimum daily budget of $2 for at least a 2-week period in order to assure our clients are making smart investments and getting tangible results. While that’s the absolute minimum, our engine will recommend a budget based on your campaign criteria. For the awareness campaigns, we recommend 3-6 month campaigns and for specific promotions and direct-response ads we recommend 45-60 days at no less than $30 per day for a limited geographic area.

Most of our clients see great benefit from running both awareness and promotion campaigns in parallel. We often strongly encourage clients to add traditional TV inventory to their mix since about 1/2 of TV’s reach dominance is still with traditional media.

What options are available to reach my audience?

AdAmp provides access to your business on the most popular TV platforms including streaming TV, Cable, and Broadcast. If it’s on TV, it’s on AdAmp.

While we offer the most meaningful and relevant audiences through our campaign planner, we are continuously working on expanding the list of audiences in line with the feedback we’re receiving from our clients. Currently, you can target by gender, age, location, and household income.

Can I choose the shows where I want my Ad to run?

While we understand the sentimental appeal of choosing specific shows, from the campaign efficiency perspective, practice has demonstrated this approach to be wasteful. Audience targeting is specifically designed to provide optimal reach and value for the selected audiences across all of TV.

In order to provide highly efficient campaigns, we don’t allow selection of specific shows as that would significantly increase the cost of inventory. If your audiences are watching the shows, we’ll find them based on your campaign parameters.

How do I cancel recurring campaigns?

You can cancel your recurring campaigns under  user settings > subscriptions menu any time until 5 business days before the next monthly cycle starts. After that, we will have already secured publisher inventory required for your recurring campaign and you campaign will run for another month.

Can I make changes to my campaign after it’s submitted?

Your campaign is set once the order confirmed. If you are signing up for a recurring monthly campaign, you will always be able to cancel one week  before the next month starts.

Can agencies take advantage of your campaign planning platform?

Absolutely. We are continuously rolling out dedicated tools and programs for agencies. Please contact us via Chat and mention that you’re an agency to learn more.

What does it cost to advertise on AdAmp?

It’s free to sign up and you can go live with your campaign for as little as $2 per day. We recommend setting your budget for at least $25-30 per day and running a campaign for 2-3 months to maximize the return on the investment results. No hidden fees and no subscription, setup, or installation fees.

Do you have any limitations on the types of ads you allow on your platform

We do, while most common categories are welcomed, we’re typically beholden to same regulation other TV channels adhere to. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details on the limitations.

How long does it take to launch my campaign?

We can typically launch your campaign in less than 24 hours if you have already approved creatives in our system. If you just uploaded a creative in the previous step, it may take up to three days for compliance review (typically much less). If you are requesting a creative from us, we will launch your campaign as soon as the creative is ready!

What are the AdAmp Technical Requirements for Ads? (needs to be in HD, have sound, etc.)

Please refer to our technical guidelines which can be found in our technical specifications section.

Can I use this platform on my own?

Absolutely. Although it provides some powerful localization and segmentation features, our platform is designed to be used directly by small and local businesses.

If you know how to buy a plane ticket, you should be able run a TV campaign online.

As a part of the initial onboarding, you’ll have an option to review a quick intro video. Otherwise, feel free to play around and reach out to our support if you have any questions.

I don't have an ad, can you help me make one?

Yes we can. We offer variety of solutions for variety of SMBs. From budget-centric commercials starting at $249 to Hollywood productions, our creative team can help you work through your commercial needs. You will be guided through the process whatever your needs are as a part of our campaign setup process.

We are currently working on enabling self-service commercial creation capabilities. If you’re interested in helping us evaluate these capabilities, please reach out to us via chat.

What kind of campaign is right for me?

We recommend a monthly recurring campaign to truly capture the advantages of video advertising. This way, you set up your campaign once and let us continulsly target your desired audience month over month, to drive repeated traffic to your business. You can also choose a fixed duration campaign, which is best to promote seasonal sales and events.

I have general questions about AdAmp, who can I reach out to?

Please contact us using our chat during US business hours. If we’re not online, please leave your email and one of our business growth agents will reach out to you as soon as possible

Which services and platforms are available through AdAmp

AdAmp brings you the best of TV advertising in a simple, online, platform. We leverage our scale to bring heavily discounted rates to our clients. We are continuously adding new streaming, cable and broadcast partners.

If there’s a specific provider you’re interested in, please ask via chat. You can also see who’s available in your area in your confirmation window before placing an order.


Everything you wanted to know about our tech specs, allowed categories and other policies.

AdAmp Technical Specifications

The PDF with Bit Rate, Frame Rate, File Format, etc  can be found here.

Advertising Policies

Please review section 3 of our end user licensing agreement for details on our advertising policies.


The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the “CCPA”) is a law in California that gives consumers who are California residents certain rights regarding their personal information beginning January 1, 2020.

Under the CCPA, subject to a verifiable consumer request you can request to see the information that a company has about you, you can request to delete that information, and you can request to opt out of the “sale” of that information to third parties.

How can I see the personal information AdAmp collects about me?

You have a right to request that AdAmp disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you, in addition to other information about our collection, use, “sale” and disclosure of your personal information.
To make this request, please email us at

To complete your request, you will need to verify via email that you are the account holder (or an authorized representative). Once you verify your identity, AdAmp will prepare a report that you will be able to access and download from a dedicated privacy portal.

How can I delete the personal information AdAmp has about me?

You have the right to request that AdAmp deletes the personal information that we collect or maintain about you and your account, subject to certain legal exceptions.
To make this request, please email us at Please note that, if you are a current AdAmp user, you must cancel your orders before requesting that AdAmp delete the personal information associated with your account.

To complete your request, you will need to verify via email that you are the account holder (or an authorized representative). Once your deletion is processed, you will lose all account settings and preferences and will be unable to log in to your account. This action can’t be undone.

How can I opt out of the “sale” of personal information by AdAmp?

AdAmp may disclose certain information about you if you are a registered user of AdAmp for purposes that may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA. Under the CCPA, you have the right to opt out of the “sale” of your personal information. To learn more, please visit our notice of right to Opt Out of Sales page.

To make an opt-out request, please email us at To complete your request, you will need to verify via email that you are the account holder (or an authorized representative).

What if I am not a registered user of AdAmp and I don't have account credentials?

If you are not a registered user of AdAmp and you don’t have AdAmp account credentials, please note we have limited information about you. You will be required to verify your request to delete that information, including by providing your name and the email that you believe we have collected about you.
I have more questions…

For more information about the CCPA, please visit our Your California Privacy Rights page, which describes your privacy-related options in more detail and offers ways to get additional information.
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